Video: Dog trying to share a bone with its reflection will melt your heart

Animals, though unable to speak in our language, through their actions often end up teaching us some of life’s valuable lessons. Some days back a picture of a puppy sharing its blanket with a stray dog in Brazil had gone viral and was a telling gesture of kindness and compassion.

A similar act of kindness was seen recently when Eric Smith, an author and literary agent shared an adorable video of his dog where the corgi could be seen mistaking his reflection for another dog, and actually trying to share a piece of bone with him.

Smith shared this 25-second clip on his Twitter handle on September 8 with the caption, “I don’t think any of you understand just how pure corgis are.He keeps trying to share that bone with his reflection in our closet mirrors.”

The tweet, since then, has been receiving a phenomenal response and had been retweeted more than 65,000 times, at time of writing.

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